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The COPLA Scaffold

A regenerative solution for cartilage repair

The COPLA® Scaffold is a 3D biodegradable structure for weight bearing joints of animals.

The COPLA® Scaffold can be used in dogs and horses, in different cartilage locations, and for full thickness chondral or osteochondral lesions.

Biological benefits

  • Fills the lesion immediately with load adaptive matrix
  • The patient can immediately bear weight on the operated limb
  • Provides ideal environment for hyaline cartilage regeneration

Technical benefits

  • Highly porous and biodegradable structure
  • One step procedure
  • Easy to cut and shape into the desired form
  • Easy to fix with fibrin glue or sutures

From Finland

With passion to make a difference


Our mission is to provide a truly regenerative treatment for cartilage lesions. The COPLA® Scaffold was developed based on a decade of scientific research and is now offered to veterinary surgeons to treat dog and horse cartilage lesions. This novel solution for cartilage repair could benefit tens of thousands of animal patients each year.


The solid scientific background of the team provides in-depth understanding of the challenges of cartilage repair. Askel Healthcare does not stop at treating symptoms; we go a step* further and provide truly regenerative solutions for the long-term benefit of the patients.

*Step = Askel (in Finnish)


Askel Healthcare was founded by experienced scientists from the fields of tissue engineering, material science, cell biology, and orthopedics. The research team had one goal: to provide a solution for the unmet medical need of cartilage regeneration. The team has what it takes to treat cartilage lesions for a large group of patients around the world. Askel Healthcare was established through innovativeness, passion, and care for all creatures.


The technology of the COPLA® Scaffold is well suited to treat many species including human beings. Making our solutions available for human medicine is a long-term project that we want to achieve in the most ethical way. One of the goals of Askel Healthcare is to explore the possibility to expedite human market access by utilizing the clinical results from veterinary use, and thus create a true interspecies partnership.




Virpi Muhonen

CEO & Co-founder

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CTO & Co-founder

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Sales developer

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