COPLA Scaffold is now available for canine cartilage repair surgery

The biodegradable COPLA® Scaffold helps regenerate cartilage in veterinary patients suffering from chondral or osteochondral lesions requiring surgery.

This cell-free technology has the potential to transform the standard of care for cartilage injuries in companion animals. This new approach, a short extra step added to the standard technique, allows an immediate smooth articular surface restoration. After the surgery, the scaffold provides an ideal biomechanical environment for the natural cartilage healing process.

A growing number of Finnish dog patients have now benefited from the new technique during their OCD surgery. COPLA® Scaffold has been used to restore the cartilage surface of puppies presented to their veterinarian for lameness and pain, and subsequently diagnosed with OCD of various locations (stifles, shoulders, elbows). The surgeons who chose to use COPLA® Scaffold selected it to give their young patients a better chance of remaining free of osteoarthritis. The COPLA® technique is reserved to experienced surgeons who want to complete the standard debridement and microfracture technique by filling the bare lesion with a load-adaptive material providing structural support and a cartilage tissue regeneration platform during the healing phase.

The early reports from surgeries and follow-up sessions show satisfaction from the veterinary healthcare professionals and patient owners.

Early improvement of the post-operative recovery has been noticed:

I received in rehabilitation a dog who had been in surgery four weeks earlier for unilateral shoulder OCD. Even though shoulders often recover well, I had never received a dog who had recovered that well after four weeks. There was no pain or strain, and the difference with the contralateral side was small. I did not know at the time of my examination that this patient had been operated with a new method. It just came out when I asked who was the surgeon. I did not have prejudice on this case – it was just clearly better than usual.”

– Tanja Pitkänen, licensed physiotherapist specialized in musculoskeletal problems, Move Well.


At the moment COPLA® Scaffold is available to treat canine patients. Askel Healthcare is always available to provide technical guidance to veterinarians willing to add COPLA® Scaffold to their surgical offer. For more information please contact our customer service at or +358 40 489 3844.