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Askel Healthcare

brings the best solution to regenerate cartilage: COPLA® is tailored to adapt to the specific conditions of weight-bearing joints to fully regenerate cartilage for pain-free movement. COPLA® solution is for human and animal healthcare.

To heal the unhealable

Damaged cartilage has almost no capacity to heal by itself. Since cartilage damage often leads to degenerative joint diseases such as osteoarthritis, the damaged site should be repaired as early as possible. Regenerating cartilage to its original quantity and quality is the only way to restore and maintain the original functionality of the tissue. COPLA® makes cartilage healing possible, delaying the need for joint replacement.


COPLA® enables true cartilage regeneration

Complete regeneration support

The optimally biodegradable matrix of COPLA® gives mechanical support throughout the natural long regeneration process of cartilage.

Fast recovery

The load-adaptive matrix of COPLA® performs in both static and cyclic loading conditions; the patient can quickly return to full weight-bearing and an active lifestyle.


An active lifestyle is the foundation of a healthy life. Like for humans, cartilage damage is a major unmet medical need for dogs and horses.