Virpi Muhonen

CEO & Co-founder

+358 40 489 3840

I am the Chief Executive Officer, co-founder and board member of Askel Healthcare. I hold a Ph.D. in orthopedic cell biology and my scientific focus has been in cartilage regeneration and cell therapy. Before we founded Askel Healthcare I worked as the principal investigator in the Orthopedic Research Laboratory in University of Helsinki.

I am passionate about bringing academic inventions into practice. To advance the cause, I took part in building the entrepreneurial society of University of Helsinki, Helsinki Think Company. I am one of the founding members of the society and a long-term board member.
When Askel Healthcare together with other Finnish companies established Tissue Cure Alliance Finland to foster collaboration between companies working in the field of tissue cure, I was honored to be chosen as the first chair of the new alliance.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, including a lovely White Swiss Shepherd. Together with my spouse, we run a self-defense focused martial arts school that offers a great change to wind down.

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